Feed the Need 2018 to focus on helping families through the Love Pantry

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How do you “make a difference” at Feed the Need? This year, proceeds from ticket sales and auction purchases will directly benefit the Love Pantry:

Children who are hungry can’t learn. It’s that simple. One of the core programs of the Christian Service Center, the Love Pantry program places an emergency food supply directly into Orange County and Seminole County Public Schools at no cost to the schools. Each Love Pantry school is provided with a cabinet stocked with 23 common food items and 8 basic hygiene items, then, restocked weekly by volunteers throughout the semester.

Unlike other programs that provide food for the child to take home over the weekend, the Love Pantry provides an immediate food supply at the schools all week long to meet needs for the entire family. When a teacher identifies a student in need, that student and their family can be provided with food and important community resource information to connect them with longer term solutions.

Last year, from 68 participating schools, the Love Pantry distributed 103,276 food and 3,205 hygiene items, impacting the lives of 25,563 household members of which 16,042 were children. Since its inception in the Fall of 2011 with just 13 school locations, the Love Pantry has distributed more than 695,505 food and 35,047 hygiene items to 129,392 household members, which includes 82,313 children!

Help support the Love Pantry’s continued success and join us on October 4 to Feed the Need! To learn more about the Love Pantry and how you can get involved as a sponsor or volunteer, visit LovePantry.org.